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Revoltech figures are a line of highly articulated action figures produced by the Japanese company Kaiyodo. Revoltech figures are known for their high level of detail in sculpting and paintwork. The figures capture the intricacies of the characters they represent, making them visually appealing and accurate to their source material.

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Revoltech figure - Revoltech Figure

Revoltech Spider-Man Pete Parker Action Figures Model Toys

Price: $53.99

Package Included:

• 1 x figure toy

Product Features:

• Material: PVC

• New and high quality

• Size 16cm

• Suitable for playing

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shipped really fast, figure is great quality for the price

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got on time and will buy again A+++ seller.

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It’s a gift, so I didn’t open it. The seller sent the product super fast, I liked it very much!!!

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The shipment arrived much earlier than expected, the figure is incredible and arrived very well packed

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Revoltech figures cover a variety of characters from popular media, including anime, manga, video games, and movies. The line has gained popularity among collectors due to the figures’ poseability and the attention to detail in their sculpting and paintwork.

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What is Revoltech Figure?

Revoltech is a line of highly articulated action figures produced by the Japanese company Kaiyodo. These figures are known for their innovative joint system, which provides a wide range of articulation and allows for dynamic posing. The name “Revoltech” is a portmanteau of “revolution” and “technology,” reflecting the articulated joints that make these figures unique.

One notable feature of Revoltech figures is the use of “revolver joints,” which are designed to mimic the movement of human joints. These joints allow for smooth and natural posing, making the figures suitable for a wide range of dynamic action poses.

The Revoltech line has expanded to include figures from franchises such as Evangelion, Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, and many others. Each figure typically comes with a variety of accessories and interchangeable parts, enhancing the overall play and display value.

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